2020 Overseas Gaming Game Market and Product Case Analysis

Recently, Roski and AdTiming, an intelligent mobile marketing platform, communicated on its XTiming project to help small and medium-sized game developers carry out content overseas, and learned from their internal information "2020 Gaming Mobile Games Research Report" that mobile gaming is in T1, T3, and T4. The development status of popular markets (product features, national policies, purchase price, ARPU reference, etc.) provide a reference direction for developers who want to go overseas with gaming products.
1. Mobile Gaming Market:
An increase of 26% year-on-year, with a scale of over US$3.3 billion
As an important category of revenue contribution from the mobile game market, mobile gaming games contributed 3.3 billion US dollars in 2019, a year-on-year increase of 26%. Gamblers conduct online gambling through mobile terminals, involving game points, virtual currency and real gold transactions. Its sub-categories include poker, slot machines, lotto, comprehensive, and others. Gaming mobile games have the characteristics of long life cycle and reliance on social communication, and they are already very mature industries in the West.

Europe, Asia/Middle East, and North America each have the top three online gambling market shares. From the perspective of global development, the Asia-Pacific region is leading the development of the global online gambling market, driven by population growth and emerging markets such as India, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia, where Internet penetration rates continue to increase. Other emerging game markets such as Brazil and Argentina will also promote the advancement of gambling games in the Latin American market.

The top players in the industry include: Scientific Games (U.S.), Playtika LTD (Israel), Product Madness (UK), Octro Inc. (India), etc. Among them, Playtika was established nearly ten years ago, but with "Slotomania" ( 2011) and "WSOP" (2013) have long occupied the top 10 positions in the betting mobile game list.

2. Analysis on the development trend of gambling games in T1 area in 2020
Download volume & revenue trends: The T1 market gaming market is mature and has high revenue conversion. Even if the download volume peaks, it will not have much impact on overall revenue.
Popular games and category preferences: The online earning game "Lucky Day" has occupied the top position of Android for two consecutive years (April) in both T1 countries, and the popularity of coin categories is also high; iOS is dominated by poker (Solitaire and Texas Poker), Android is dominated by slot machines, and the UK also prefers bingo.
Vendor changes: The market is mature, and the status of top players is difficult to shake. Therefore, the top ten players in the top ten list have little change. But it is worth mentioning that in such an environment with a stable head, Chinese manufacturer Grande Games is still "airborne" on the double list, and is even among the best in the Android list.
According to statistics from Newzoo, online betting players in the U.S. prefer poker (27%), which is in agreement with the preference of players in the UK (24% of players in the U.K. prefer poker). The difference is that the American players' love for slot machines is comparable to poker, while the UK prefers bingo. This is basically the same as the performance of the data we tracked in 2020. Except for these three categories, blackjack still exists in the TOP10 list, but Roulette is no longer popular, and this gameplay fades out. Department market. Last year, Scratcher's gameplay ranked among the Top 10, becoming an emerging popular gameplay. The hit "Lucky day" gameplay also deeply integrated this element.
3. Analysis of the development of mobile gaming games in the U.S. T1 market
1. Trend of change: During the epidemic, compared with the same period last year, the overall download volume of gaming mobile games on the Android platform in the United States dropped by 23.6%-the download volume of 7 vendors in the top ten list decreased year-on-year; while mobile gaming games on the iOS platform fell during the epidemic A year-on-year increase of 12.8%. Within five years, we can see that a big change has taken place in 2019-the download volume and revenue of gambling games on the Android platform have both shrunk, while the revenue of iOS has accelerated.
2. Popular core gameplay: Among the TOP10 games, iOS is based on poker and Android is based on slot machines. Pushing the coin category into a dark horse, two games broke into the top three on the list.
3. Popular manufacturers and products: The top players of the manufacturers have minimal annual changes, and the head pattern is still the online earning game "Lucky Day" dominated the Android list for two consecutive years; the manufacturer Product Madness performed well on dual platforms, but the Android manufacturer's download revenue was 40% Double down.
4. Customer acquisition data: The poker category still accounts for the mainstream iOS in the United States, and the coin game method has entered the game strongly.
The four new faces in the table are all non-poker categories. Among them, "Cash Frenzy" and "Cash Tornado Slots" are slot machines, "Lucky Pusher" and "Coin Dozer" are coin-pushing methods, and the two games are mainly coin-pushing. The poker category, which has always been hot in the United States, has gone straight to the top three on the list.

Solitaire accounted for half of the six poker games-"Solitaire", "Solitaire" and "Solitaire Cube" respectively.
Last year, the bottom 4 of the list all failed, and the competition at the end of the list is fierce.
For Android, the slot machine category in the TOP10 list still dominates, reaching as much as 80%, but the list has changed a lot and competition is fierce. "Lcuky Day" and "Cash Fenzy Casino" remained firmly in the top two on the list, while the new analog coin "Coin Dozer" rushed to the third place.
Except for "Slotomania" and "Losta Slots", which were stable in the top ten, all other slot games fell off the list. Chinese manufacturer Grande Games has three games on the list-"Cash Frenzy Casino", "Losta Slots" and "Slots Casino".

5. Revenue data: Heading is becoming more obvious, and only the top three manufacturers have achieved annual revenue growth
In terms of revenue data, Android's top three remain unchanged, with Grande Games and Double Down Interactive LLC replacing Playtika Santa Monica and Jackpot Casino. Most of the Pubslisher downloads are on a downward trend, and 5 to 8 old players have seen both downloads and revenue decline.
Taking the US iOS gaming mobile game revenue list as an example, the top 10 players have not changed much. Except for the last FG Games, which replaced Appchi Media Ltd, the rankings of other vendors have slightly adjusted within the ten. The number of downloads of several vendors under the Playtika series has slightly decreased compared with last year, but their revenues are all on the rise. PLAYIITKA-UK HOUSE OF FUN LIMITED and Big Fish Games, Inc are the only two vendors whose revenue has declined.

6. Regulatory issues:
Some states in the United States do not allow mobile gambling games involving real gold transactions (according to state laws, residents of Illinois, Louisiana, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wisconsin are not allowed to place any type of betting on the Internet , Regardless of federal law).
If you are playing a real money gambling game, you must have a license (a one-year application period requires more than 200,000 lawyer fees), while real gambling (recharge-game-exchange money) rarely has mobile games.
4. Analysis of the development of gambling mobile games in the UK in the T1 market
1. Changing trend: Whether it is based on one year or five years, the download volume of both platforms has decreased to varying degrees. iOS also fell below 0.9M in February and March this year. Android downloads have shrunk by 31.3% compared with the same period last year. Android revenue dropped to its lowest in April this year, down 8.3% compared to the same period last year. Judging from the data over the same period of five years, this year is still the lowest.
2. Popular core gameplay: The top ten on the iOS list is dominated by poker, but the Android list is diversified. Only one poker mobile game is on the list. Other popular gameplays are online earning, bingo, coin pushing, and slot machines. More casual.
3. Popular manufacturers and products: Comunix Ltd only airborne the iOS list with a game "Poker Face", while "Lucky Day" continued to top the Android list; Chinese manufacturer Grande Games entered the top 10 revenue list on both platforms single.
4. Customer acquisition data: The main "Pandemic Online Social" and "Poker Face" airborne to the top of the UK iOS betting charts
The iOS list has fluctuated greatly, with 70% of games being replaced. This year, the popularity of poker mobile games based on Solitaire gameplay has risen, with a total of four on the list. The other mainstream gameplay is Texas Hold'em. Lotto (Bingo) and slot machine categories fell in popularity. Last year, all games in this category fell off the list, while the popularity of coin-pushing games declined slightly. The top "Poker Face" is the Texas Hold'em category. Recently, the marketer mainly promotes the selling point of "Pandemic Online Social", allowing players to play online video games.

On Android, the list has also fluctuated greatly, with 70% of the games being replaced, but the online earning mobile game "Lucky Day" still tops the list, and the rest are dominated by slot machines. There was no poker category in the list last year, and slot machines were mainly used. But in this year's list, "Zynga Poker" went to second place, and the two main bingo games "Gala Bingo" and "Tombola Bingo" also entered the list. Except for "Cash Frenzy Casino", all slot machines fell out of the list, which is highly competitive.

5. Revenue data: Grande Games and Comunix become dark horses
The overall Android ranking is not very fluctuating, and only two manufacturers have been replaced. Among them, Grande Games has been on the offensive rapidly, from being outside the top 100 manufacturers list last year to dropping second this year. Forty% of manufacturers experienced both declines in download revenue, and with the exception of Zynga, the top three manufacturers, the revenue growth of the other three manufacturers did not exceed 15%, and the overall performance was poor.
The overall iOS list has a moderate degree of volatility, with 60% of vendors remaining stable, and three of them dropped out at the end of last year. Comunix Ltd saw huge gains, ranking first on the iOS list with revenue from a popular game "Poker Face" alone. The download volume of 60% of the vendors on the list has declined to varying degrees, and Playtika LTD and Play Studios have both experienced a decline in download volume and revenue.

6. Regulatory issues:
Google Play released the listing policy of real money gambling (redeemable for real money: recharge-game-redeem) products, allowing such applications to be listed in the UK. However, it is forbidden to show it to users under the age of 18 or treat it as an audience. Advertisements must clearly display sane gambling information and prohibit the inclusion of simulated gambling content.
5. Development Trends of 2020 Gaming Games in T3 Regions
Downloads & Revenue Trend: Due to the small market share of Apple mobile phones, the overall iOS downloads and revenue values ​​in the T3 market are relatively small. Secondly, income conversion is low, and the rise or fall of income varies with downloads.
Popular games and category preferences: Poker is dominated by poker on the iOS list. However, the local color of this category is relatively bright. For example, the card game of local Lamy and Patty is popular in India, and Truco, which is also born in Brazil, is very popular. But even in an environment where the popularity of local products remains high, "Solitaire" produced by EasyBrain still occupies a place in the iOS lists of the two countries.
Manufacturer changes: The head effect is obvious, especially in the main market Android. After 2-4, there will be a gap in downloads and revenue. Most of the resources are concentrated in the hands of the top players.
Six, T3 India regional gaming mobile game development analysis
1. Trends: During the epidemic, compared with the same period last year, the overall download volume of Indian mobile gaming games on Android platform increased by 5.4%-7 manufacturers in the top ten list increased year-on-year downloads; the overall revenue of gaming mobile games on Android platform increased 42.9% —— Revenue of 6 manufacturers in the top ten list increased year-on-year. Within five years, we can see that the Android market in 2019 has recovered from last year, but the overall decline has been. Compared with the same period five years ago, revenue and downloads have shrunk by 25% and 26%, respectively.
2. Popular core gameplay: Among the game's TOP10, iOS is dominated by local Rummy gameplay, and Android has a variety of gameplay methods, including local gameplay Patty and Tambola, as well as slot machines and Solitaire with international gameplay.
3. Popular manufacturers and products: The annual changes in the top players of the manufacturers are moderate, most of which are local manufacturers, but the head phenomenon is serious, and even the top ten on the list also have revenue gaps. The popularity of Tambola (Lotto) has risen sharply, ranking first and second in the double list.
4. Customer acquisition data: The localization of iOS gaming games in India is strongly localized, with Rami Solitaire mainly.
The poker category in the TOP10 list still dominates, with Rummy gameplay (such as "Rummy Circle", "Play Rummy Game", "Rummy Guru", etc.) dominated, but the overall competition is fierce, and 7 games have been replaced. Last year, Mobility Ware had two Solitaire gameplay games on the list, but this year, not only was the Solitaire produced by Easy Brain squeezed out of one, the remaining Solitaire also lags behind that produced by Easy Brain. "Tambola", which is based on Bingo gameplay, hits the top of the list.

The poker category in the TOP10 list of Android still dominates, with Patti playing mainly (such as "Teen Patti by Octro", "Teen Patti Gold", "Teen Patti Comfun", etc.). However, compared with iOS, the categories are more diverse, with the addition of slot machine "DAFU Casino" and online earning game "Big Time Cash". "Teen Patti by Octro" holds the top spot. In the same period last year, the two slot games "House of Fun" and "Losta Slots" both dropped out of the list, while the same category "DAFU Casino" entered the list. "Tambola Housie" with Bingo as the main gameplay replaces "Scatch Day" with the same category as "Scatch Day" with scratch music as the main gameplay.

5. Revenue data: The head effect is obvious, and there is a gap after the four
Android: The overall list has a moderate degree of volatility. The top four have remained unchanged. At the end of last year, all four have fallen off the list, but the income of the second and third places has declined. Established vendors Big Fish Games and Play Studios fell to the bottom of the list. Although both downloads have increased significantly, their revenue has shrunk. After the fourth place, there are obvious gaps in downloads and revenue. For example, Zynga's revenue is nearly four times that of Playtika. The head effect is obvious, and the total income of 2-4 loses to the top Octro.
iOS: The top three remain stable, but the top players Moonfrog and PLAY GAMES24X7 PVT.LTD. have seen their incomes decline to varying degrees. Except for MobilityWare, the revenue and downloads of 4-10 vendors have increased, but they are still very small in terms of value, and some downloads are even less than 1,000.

6. Regulatory issues:
Skill-based real gold gambling games (such as Patty and Lamy) have soil for survival, but chance-based real gold gambling (real gold games based on chance) is prohibited (only a few states allow it and require a license). For this reason, Assam, Orissa and Telangana states prohibit all quiz/gambling games including skill games; Nagaland and Sikkim require licenses to operate skill games.
7. Analysis of T3 Gaming Mobile Games Development in Brazil
1. Change trend: Android downloads and revenue have fallen sharply since August last year, and there is no sign of recovery as of April this year. Compared with the same period last year, they have shrunk by 46.2% and 31.9% respectively-70% of the top ten revenue Of the top manufacturers have experienced a decline in downloads. Android downloads are nearly 20 times higher than iOS, but revenue is only 2-3 times that of the latter, and the overall revenue conversion rate of the Android market is low.
2. Popular core gameplay: In the iOS list, Solitaire has the largest number of games, but the Truco gameplay tops the list; in the Android list, the popularity of slot machines is rising.
3. Popular manufacturers and products: Pipa Games is firmly at the top of the double list. In the fiercely competitive Android slot machine market, Huuuge Games ranked first and second on the list with its "Huuuge Casino Slots" and "Billionaire Casino Slots" respectively, and ranked firmly in the top ten of the top manufacturers list.
4. Customer acquisition data: Solitaire gameplay is the most popular, and Truco gameplay tops the list.
Overall, the list has not changed much, only three games have changed. Among them, "Truco", which ranked second last year, fell off the list. Under the poker category with the highest percentage of the list, Solitaire is the most popular game, and there are a total of four on the list. Truco is the most popular gameplay, "Truco Brasil" tops the list. Secondly, from the rankings of "Dr. Bingo" and "Bingo Blitz", it can be seen that the bingo game under the lotto category is also very popular.

For Android, the degree of change in the list is moderate. The popularity of the slot machine category has risen compared with last year, but the competition is fierce. The five new entries on the list are all slot games. The popularity of online earning games declined, "Lucky Day" and "Fun X" fell off the list, but the ranking of "Big Time Cash" on the list has risen compared to the same period last year. The poker category is not very popular on Android, and no one is on the list. The first and second-ranked new-entry games "Huuuge Casino Slots" and "Billionaire Casino Slots" both come from Huuuge Games.

5. Revenue data: Developers of iOS platform Top10 have maintained revenue growth
Android: 80% of manufacturers' downloads have shrunk. Among them, Playtika, Huuuge Games, R7 Developer and Play Studios experienced both declines in downloads and revenue. Product Madness is the only manufacturer whose downloads (3.7%) and revenue (118.7%) have both increased. The top two players, Pipa Games and GamesSmart Ltd, have a stable ranking, and their income has risen to 43.5% and 13.0%, respectively.
iOS: Generally speaking, the degree of change in the list is moderate. Sixty percent of manufacturers remain stable, and their overall income is on the rise, and most of them have a large increase. The overall performance of iOS is better than Android. Youda Games Holdings has poor revenue conversion. Although downloads have increased by 11.9%, revenue has shrunk by nearly 40%.

6. Regulatory issues:
Brazil's national currency is unstable and the national currency is often depreciated. Therefore, the export of Brazilian funds will be strictly monitored.
Brazil prohibits gambling. But this clause does not cover the field of online gambling (at least not yet), so gambling games are still one of the best-selling game types in Brazil.
8. T4 region 2020 gambling game development trend analysis
Downloads & Revenue Trend: Compared with T3 market, T3 market has a higher revenue conversion. Although the overall download level is small, the willingness to pay is high.
Popular games and category preferences: There is a high acceptance of popular categories in the T1 market and their preferences are similar. The iOS list is dominated by Texas, Solitaire and slot machines, while the Android list is dominated by slot machines. But competition among the overall products is fierce.
Manufacturer changes: As the market is just starting, more experienced international players have more advantages. There are no local players in the top ten revenue list, but this year's download volume and revenue indicators of top players have declined severely.
9. T4 South Africa mobile gaming development analysis
1. Changing trend: Android revenue has been stable around 0.9M until March of this year, but when it reached the annual peak of 0.98M in February this year, it suddenly dropped to 0.82M in April, the lowest value in the same period of the year. However, iOS did not fluctuate much in these three months, and showed a slight upward trend, an increase of 14.3% over the same period last year.
2. Popular core gameplay: Android top ten is dominated by slot machines, and iOS top ten poker and slot machines are evenly divided.
3. Popular manufacturers and products: In a market dominated by international players, there are almost no local players among the top manufacturers. Even though the iOS list is particularly competitive, 80% of the games are replaced. But the two poker mobile games "Solitaire" and "World Series of Poker" are still in the top two.
4. Customer acquisition data
The iOS list has changed drastically. Except for the two poker games "Solitaire" and "World Series of Poker" that remain stable, the other eight games have changed and competition is fierce. Mainly poker category and slot machine category. Among them, Texas Hold'em is the most popular under poker category, such as "World Series of Poker", "Poker Face" and "Pokerrrr 2". Games without local manufacturers or local gameplay are on the list.

On Android, the list has changed a lot, with 60% of games changing. Last year's top "Lucky Day" fell off the list. The slot machine category rose in popularity and dominated the entire list, squeezing out the lottery "Scratch Day" and online earning "Lucky Day" games that were on the list last year. Grande Games has two games on the list, namely "Losta Slots" and "Cash Frenzy Casino", with the latter at the top of the list.

5. Revenue data: The number of downloads and revenue shrinkage of top manufacturers are common.
Android: Chinese manufacturer Grande Games once again "airborne" the top three. Although seven top players did not fall out of the list this year, all but Scientific Games Interactive experienced varying degrees of downloads and revenue declines. Among them, Playtika UK has the most serious problem.
iOS: Although Product Madness is still at the top of the list, downloads and revenue have declined. In addition, top players such as Playtika LTD and Playtika UK have also experienced similar problems, and both indicators have shrunk without dropping the list.

6. Regulatory issues:
Each province in South Africa has a council responsible for overseeing the gaming industry, and online gaming companies must also be authorized by the council to operate.
10. Case Study of Classic Overseas Gaming and Game Products
1. "Lucky Day" realized by pure IAA
"Lucky Day" is an online earning game. Players can experience a variety of betting games on the platform, such as lotto, scratch, etc., and have the opportunity to win cash or gift cards during the game. During the period, the platform will push advertisements to players in the form of incentive videos to achieve profitability. Unlike mainstream gaming games that rely on in-app purchases to make money, "Lucky Day" is mainly free, and all revenue comes from advertising monetization. The overall evaluation of players is relatively positive, and the strategy videos initiated by players on YouTube are also welcomed.

The download volume of "Lucky Day" reached its peak in September 2019 and mid-January 2020, around 70K. The game was launched in 2015. Over the past year, "Lucky Day" has been ranked first in the US gaming rankings for most of the time, dropping to 63 in the game rankings compared to 25 in the same period last year.
The second, seven-day and monthly stays of "Lucky Day" are slightly higher than the TOP100 average but not much different, while the 14-day stay is lower than the average. The earliest ADNs of the game (2018) were Ad Colony and Vungle, followed by Fyber, FB, MoPub and Google AdMob. From a regional perspective, the main sources of customers for "Lucky Day" in the past year have been the United States, Kenya, Brazil and the United Kingdom.

The four major types of betting mobile game players are as follows, among which the main source of customers for "Lucky Day" is casual players.

In an article interviewed with the CEO of the developer of "Lucky Day", Javaheri summarized the success factors of the game like this:
1) "Focus on creating an excellent advertising experience and embedding ads in an acceptable way"-There are no interstitial ads in the game, only rewarded video ads. The CEO hopes to give players the right to choose to watch ads.
2) "Focus on the personalization of advertisements, divide the audiences finely, and then push the corresponding advertising forms and content according to their preferences".
3) "Buy volume is just a tool, but the excellent product itself is the key to victory. Every week, nearly 30,000 players win substantial prizes (cash, gift cards, etc.) from "Lucky Day". Their praise is ours The best marketing channel for
In terms of customer acquisition, in addition to its excellent game quality and "money-spending" power as basic support, "Lucky Day" is not hesitating in buying volume, and even climbed to the top of the list of Android buying advertisers in the past 30 days . Creatives change frequently, and the number of creatives delivered is high-346 creatives have been delivered in the past 30 days.

2. "Poker Face" Exploded Customers During the Epidemic
Although Poker Face was launched in September 2018, it has been performing poorly before. Until the beginning of March this year, the download volume and revenue began to explode.

Starting in March this year, "Poker Face" has quickly gained customers in five regions: the United States, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and France. They are the areas with the most severe outbreaks of overseas epidemics in March and April.

The key to "Poker Face" customer acquisition-social + betting. It can be seen from the media mentions of the game in March that the game emphasizes the "video chat" function, combined with the social distance in the context of the epidemic, and highlights the game's built-in synchronous video chat feature to "help those who are forced to isolate and cannot meet Friends pull the distance".

3. Case analysis of successful Chinese manufacturers going overseas: Bole Technology
Grande Games was founded in 2015 by Zhang Liang, the founder of Grande Games, who founded Bole after working at Papaya Mobile for three and a half years. His papaya work experience laid the foundation for Bole's later buying experience. Bole's product VP Eran Navot worked for Playtika.
The current valuation of Bole Technology has exceeded 1 billion. Its games are mainly for the European and American (especially the US) market. According to Sensor Tower's data, the top three countries of Bole Technology's revenue in March 2020 are the United States (68.8%), Australia (7.4%) and the United Kingdom (3.8%). In terms of downloads, take Cash Frenzy, the largest revenue-generating player, as an example. The five countries with the highest downloads are the United States, Kenya, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and Australia.
Affected by the epidemic, most regions in Europe and the United States have implemented a stay-at-home order. Bole Technology's games have ushered in a wave of enthusiasm. In April 2020, Bole Technology's revenue rose 19% month-on-month and 210% year-on-year, setting a new record in revenue.
From the opening of TOP100 last year to TOP10 Publushers this year, Grande Games (博乐科技) mainly benefited from the launch of several popular games under its umbrella and outstanding results this year. Among them, Losta Slots and Slots Casino are on the TOP10 list of American gambling mobile games in April, DAFU Casino performed extremely well in Brazil, and the above games are all slot machines.

The key to Bole Technology's success-copy + dumping
.Game Design-Copy Success Stories
Background: Bole Technology's best-selling game "Cash Frenzy" is very similar to similar products under Playtika.
Skills: copy quickly, shorten the development time + learn from the advantages of popular products, improve the success rate.
.Numerical control-dumping model
Background: The exchange rate and prize pool value set by the established products are lower than Bole Technology.
Skills: Take the route of higher returns and give players more refreshment in the value setting-higher exchange ratio and exaggerated prize pool value, which can be called the "Legend of Gaming Games"

.Means of customer acquisition-bulk buying
Background: The top American manufacturers have been online for a long time (for example, "Slotomania" has been online for 8 years). After the user accumulation is completed, the purchase cost is now high, so the purchase intensity has decreased.
Tips: Enter strongly when the offensive of the old game is slightly weaker, buy frequently on Facebook, Instagram and other media, and quickly acquire new users with new faces and lower costs.
It can be seen from the ranking list of the purchase volume of advertisers on the Android side that the top five Neibole Technology's slot games occupy four positions, which shows that its purchase volume is strong.

4. Product Madness sailing against the current
Product Madness is one of the established gambling companies. When other established players (such as Playtika, Big Fish Games or Huuuge Games) did not perform well this year, they remained firmly on the list of various countries, and the download volume and revenue were both in most regions. There is a rise.

The picture below shows the customer acquisition of the three most popular slot games under Product Madness. It can be seen that the main sources of product Madness customers are: the United States, Brazil, Australia, Kenya, Canada, South Africa and Mexico.

Product Madness performed well in the dual-platform list, mainly due to the high revenue capabilities of its games-in the past year, "Lightning Link" alone had revenue of 44.7 million US dollars (with IAP as the main statistical dimension). Comparing with the two betting games with high scores and both on the list, although the overall ranking or downloads of Lightening Link Casino are very different from the other two, the income is extremely high, reaching 44.7 million US dollars. When the mobile gaming market saw slower downloads in the T1 market and shrinking download growth in the T3 market, Product Madness focused on tapping the value of each existing user, cleverly avoiding the negative impact of downloads peaking.

Eleven: Guide to Gaming Mobile Games
1. Priority of betting mobile game overseas strategy
The first step in the sea: find out the regions for testing (excellent products recommend the United States and the United Kingdom, followed by the T3 region), and study the relevant regional top players
The second step of going to sea: select the main application mall
The third step of going overseas: find the accurate user group, compare the benchmark retention rate, adjust the UA strategy
The fourth step of going overseas: Optimize the realization strategy from the estimation of ARPDAU, LTV and other indicators
The fifth step of going to sea: do a good job of adapting local equipment

2. Gaming mobile game 2020 sea area characteristics
With the exception of the United States, where the head players have changed little (20% replacement), the head players of other countries have moderate changes (about 40% replacement).
With the exception of India's top manufacturers with more local players, other countries are all international players occupying the top. Most of the world's top players are from the United States and the United Kingdom.
The Matthew effect in India is obvious, and the flow and funds are concentrated in the top three on the list.
South Africa's mobile game downloads TOP10 list is the most competitive, with 80% of mobile games being replaced.
From the perspective of game categories and top manufacturers, South Africa's market preferences are similar to those of the United States.
As mature markets, the United Kingdom and the United States have relatively stable income over the past year. But judging from the data in recent years, it has been fluctuating, and has declined compared with five years ago.
The United States is still the largest market for gaming mobile games, with various numbers far ahead.
Brazil's conversion from downloads to revenue is low.
Women are also an important source of income for mobile gaming games with a "light" gameplay (such as slot machines, lotteries, etc.). Female gamblers in the United States account for about 40% of the total number of gamblers, while the number of female gamblers and male gamblers in the UK is almost equal. In countries such as Sweden, more than two-thirds of gambling addicts are women. Therefore, in these markets with obvious head effects, if you want to break through, you can focus on the female market.
3. Development characteristics of the 2020 mobile gaming category
Slot machines are still the largest sub-category of gambling games, and are generally the profit model of IAP.
This year, the popularity of coin sub-categories has suddenly risen, and it has been among the top three in many countries, represented by "Coin Dozer" and "Lucky Pusher", which are particularly popular in the United States, and are the profit model of IAA.
Along with the coin push category, there is a comprehensive (real gold) gaming game. Represented by "Lucky Day", it has been ranked first in the GP charts in the United States and the United Kingdom for two consecutive years (April). GP broke the siege and adopted IAA as its profit model.
Under the poker sub-category, Solitaire remains the most popular, followed by Texas Hold'em. However, the Indian market is different from other countries. It is mainly based on Lamy and Patty cards with local characteristics. Solitaire and slot machines have a low share. Representative manufacturers of Solitaire products include Easy Brain, Mobility Ware and Zynga Inc.
4. Development status of gambling mobile games 2020 manufacturers
Compared with the same period last year, downloads in most countries have shrunk to varying degrees, and this phenomenon is clearly reflected in the head manufacturers.
Even in the TOP10 revenue list, manufacturers still face three main situations. First, with little change in rankings, revenue increased slightly, but downloads dropped significantly (Huuuge Games·UK, Playtika LTD·US). Second, both revenue and downloads have declined severely (PlayStudios·UK, DoubleUGames·South Africa). Third, the customer acquisition is strong, but the income conversion is low (Moonfrog/Big Fish Games·India).
Chinese player Grande Games (博乐科技) has highlighted the encirclement this year, with several popular slot games, from unknown to "airborne" in the top ten list of manufacturers in various countries.
5. Price reference for some regions of gambling mobile games
The cost of buying volume varies greatly between countries. Pay attention to the ROAS indicator when weighing the area and magnitude of the buying volume.
T1 has a high CPI but a high rate of return. T3 has a relatively low CPI, but good products can generate very high cost-effective returns, while T4 faces more uncertainties.

6. Summary of User Preferences for Mobile Gaming Games 2020 Android and iOS Platforms
Android and iOS have different preferences: iOS prefers "hardcore" poker categories, and Android prefers "lighter" slot machines or lottos.
For the T1 region (the United States and the United Kingdom are taken as examples in the report), the device share of Android and iOS is almost 1:1, which is not much different. However, in terms of downloads, Android is generally higher than iOS, and in the United States, where iOS has a share of 52.95%, Android's top gambling downloads are 1.5 to 2 times that of iOS.
The willingness and ability of iOS users to pay is generally higher than that of Android (except for the UK).
Due to the different preferences of dual-platform users, the top vendors of each platform are also different. For example, Scientific Games Interactive is active in the Android top ten list, and iOS top ten rarely participates. On the contrary, FG Games, one of the dark horses, performed well on the iOS list, and "no such person was found" in the top ten Android lists.
In the TOP10 list of top manufacturers, the overall decline of Android compared with the same period last year was larger than that of iOS, and the number of manufacturers that fell was more than the latter.

7. Differences in the policies of betting mobile game app stores
Try to avoid real gold games, even in the same country, different states/states will have different policies for real gold, and operating costs and license acquisition costs are high.
As long as real gold gambling is not involved in most areas, there are no strict legal restrictions on gambling mobile games. They are promoted like other mobile games and must comply with the app store's listing policy. Regarding the restrictions on real gold gambling, referring to the laws and regulations of various countries, it can be known that Google Play and App Store are currently unable to publish real gold games in most countries.
Similar to "Lucky Day", although players can get gift cards or cash from the game, as long as there is no real gold transaction involved, it is not a violation. In some games, there is a situation of playing “side ball”, but they are generally not at the top of the list and face the risk of being removed at any time.

8. Betting game stay benchmark for the next day
If the retention rate on the first day of the game is 35% or higher, the retention on the next day exceeds the baseline. Excellent betting mobile games stay at 40% and above the next day.
After the first day, mobile gaming games will leave about 33% of users on average (minimum 25%). If the developer's game retains less than 30% of users after the first day, it means that some improvements are needed-adjusting the game and optimizing the UA strategy will improve user retention.
9. Gaming games stay benchmark for seven days


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