Recommendations for the ten most anticipated new blockchain games in 2019!

In 2019, many highly anticipated blockchain games were launched. This article lists a selection of 10 new games, which will be introduced in alphabetical order. Let's take a look!
Age of Rust

Since mid-2017, the SpacePirate Games team has been working on the development of "Age of Rust", and it is expected that the game will continue to be updated.
Initially, this game was released on the Counterparty network, using its own Rustbits token. Later switched to the Enjin network, which is currently part of the Enjin Coin Multiverse game, which is based on the ETH public chain.
As SpacePirate has grown from a part-time project team to a fully developed studio, the focus of the game itself has changed-from a text-based adventure game to a 3D open world game. "Age of Rust" introduces combat missions, but the focus is still on exploration and puzzle solving.
Another feature is interoperability. For example, "Age of Rust" has been closely interacting with "Neon District", and the former also supports BitCrystals' Book of Orbs wallet.
Obviously, supporting the Enjin token greatly improves the interoperability of the game. All Multiverse games will take this into consideration at the beginning of the design and must support a group of shared projects.
Blankos Block Party

"Blankos Block Party" was developed by Third Kind Games in the U.K. and released for the first time on the U.S. blockchain game platform Mythical Games.
The Blankos in the game are a group of naughty and funny plastic toys that exist in their own heterogeneous space and enjoy spending quality time in a lively atmosphere. This is a massively multiplayer party game, first released on the MAC version of the PC.
In addition, everyone is very concerned about collectibles, after all, Blankos is essentially collectibles. Of course, the blockchain user experience is also very important. The game runs on the EOS public chain, which requires developers to be able to deal with issues such as personal wallets.

Like other games, "Crypto Space Commanders" (CSC for short) has undergone some major changes in 2018. At first, it was a web game, but later it switched to a PC client.
However, the core vision of the game remains unchanged-space exploration, trading, and accumulation of combat experience on the ETH public chain.
The change in game focus and the extension of production time should bring a deeper and more attractive user experience. It allows the Lucid Sight team to build a community by selling space ship props and simple web mining mini games. So far, this game has attracted more than 16,000 users.

Argentine game developer Experimental is committed to the development of a blockchain-based strategy game "CryptoWars".
The game runs on the ETH chain, uses the Loom side chain, and registers with the Metamask wallet. It is a free game similar to "Clash of Clans".
Players collect and use gold coins and crystals to build and upgrade buildings, form an army to plunder Quantum Dust resources, and develop technologies to improve construction efficiency. Another attraction is that you can join the alliance to complete high-level cooperation tasks and goals.
More importantly, the use of side chains means that you do not need to pay gas fees to play games, but you can buy and sell character skins and novice backpacks to speed up the construction process.
Gods Unchained

The trading card game "Gods Unchained" produced by the Fuel Bros team is a large-scale blockchain game that has attracted much attention in 19 years.
This is a free game for PC client users of the MAC version. All players can use a set of core non-blockchain cards. If you want to build your own battle deck, you can buy and sell blockchain cards using ETH tokens.
"Gods Unchained" is about to host a world championship with a prize of up to 400,000 US dollars. In addition, this game has also reached an interoperability cooperation with the crypto kit "CryptoKitties".
Hash Rush

Most games maintain close interaction and require the use of encrypted wallets, but there are no exceptions, such as "Hash Rush". This 3D real-time strategy game is aimed at PC users, rewarding players using cryptocurrency, giving players ownership of common items and trading market options.
The most prominent of all the blockchain factors of the game is the image quality, which can be easily accessed. This blockchain game is likely to become a big hit in 2019.
MLB Champions

The blockchain baseball game "MLB Champions" authorized by the American Professional Baseball League, formerly known as "MLB Crypto Baseball 2019", was released in late September 2018.
The user base of the ETH-based dapp exceeds 5000, which shows the popularity of the game and also shows some good signs to the development team Lucid Sight.
In "MLB Champions", players can form a baseball team, collect and use player cards in the game. The team needs a total of 21 players, 9 starters, 6 substitutes, and 6 pitchers.
You can predict what will happen to the team in the next game and earn points based on the team's performance in the real game.
Neon District

The initial idea of ​​"Neon District" is a card game, and later redesigned into RPG. This free turn-based battle game combines the ETH public chain and side chains to give players ownership of items.
The background is set in a dystopian world. Players gather a small group of characters to resist the Mainspring government, and the characters will gradually become stronger over time.
Players can collect and make weapons, armor and other props, and can also change the appearance of the character. The steampunk style of the game is a highlight.
"Neon District" uses the Loom network to build the game architecture, uses the ETH main network to give players the ownership of items, and supports players to trade.
Reality Clash **

"Reality Clash" is a free positioning AR/VR sniper game on mobile devices, which is currently available to iOS and Android devices worldwide.
The positioning function allows players to move in the real environment to control different positions in the game, such as resource nodes. To this end, players must enter a special battle portal—combining AR control operations and VR visual equipment to play against computers and real players. Many different weapons can be bought and sold, and rare items can be traded on the blockchain.
Players must level up by completing tasks, obtain more resources, and take certain measures to contain enemy players.
The Sandbox **

Since its release in 2012, the number of downloads of the "The Sandbox" series of games has exceeded 40 million.
"The Sandbox" is not a traditional game. Like "Minecraft" and "Roblox", it is more like a platform for user-generated content. Players can create worlds and objects by themselves, interact with them, and play games.
The latest version of "The Sandbox" has very complex components, including a 3D voxel creation editor, a prop trading market, and a real sandbox environment where props can be used. Therefore, the game is not expected to be released until the end of 2019, but this game has great potential and has been rated as one of the most anticipated blockchain projects in many circles. END
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