The 28 blockchain games to watch in 2020

As of 2020, digital ownership of blockchain games and in-game assets is still in its infancy. In the past 12 months, several blockchain game projects have been on Reddit, including "Gods Unchained" and "Axie Infinity". In addition, many mainstream brands and companies have also released notices, from Formula 1 to Ubisoft, from Astro Boy to Samsung. However, blockchain games can only attract a few thousand players every day.
 Financial investment, easier access, better blockchain technology, and better software development kits will help push the blockchain game market forward. The game market has huge potential, and mainstream game companies are also on the sidelines.
 Many games will be launched in 2020, and more new games may be announced. In the next ten years, existing games will continue to be developed, and other projects will be finalized. And now, let's take a look at the following 28 blockchain games, they definitely deserve our continued attention.
 Age of Rust

Many blockchain games are designed from very simple concepts, and "Age of Rust" is one such traditional game. Players need to explore abandoned space stations and mysterious caves in distant worlds in post-apocalyptic science fiction adventure games. "Age of Rust" contains a variety of puzzle games, from which players can obtain digital objects and cryptocurrencies. In addition, the game also contains elements of exploration, adventure, item collection, and combat.
 Players holding MFT tokens in "Age of Rust" can already experience the early version of the game.
 Reason for attention: Because this game is one of the most popular blockchain games on the market, in addition, it is also a very unique game.

"Alterverse Disruption" is the first game in the Alterverse universe series. This is a first-person adventure game in which players need to fight the Disrupter Battleships in space. Players can conduct a single raid or team cooperation mode, in addition to adventure mode and combat mode to choose from. In different game modes, players need to shoot zombies or fight against each other. Players' game progress in this game can be synchronized to other unreleased games in the Alterverse universe. The "Alterverse Disrupter" competition is driven by the Enjin blockchain, so its virtual items can be used in multiple games.
 Enjin Blockchain:
 Reason for attention: "Alterverse Disruption" will soon be launched in the early access version, and the game is still in the alpha testing stage. The gameplay may seem a bit outdated, but because the progress of the Enjin blockchain will never be lost, it can be synchronized to new games. "Disruption" is just the first game launched by Alterverse. I think it is more nostalgic in terms of graphics.
A1 Fighters
When we talk about games, especially blockchain games, I often criticize it as "too crude". Generally speaking, blockchain games are very simple and cannot compete with large games in the game industry such as "Tomb Raider", "Fallout" or "Warcraft". From this perspective, "A1 Fighters" is indeed a small game, similar to the other games you have played on Newgrounds.
 However, "A1 Fighters" also does not regard itself as the pinnacle of game history. In this seemingly simple online escape game, players can fight for the cryptocurrency. The game is actually a marketing tool used by blockchain startups to airdrop their tokens and let players understand their brand.
 Reason for concern: Because this is a case of gamification marketing led by interaction through blockchain technology. It's like advertising in the form of video games. Wouldn't it be great if we stopped pushing referral codes on Twitter, but let players get rewards by shooting each other in the game?
Axie Infinity
In 2019, players have been cultivating so-called Axies, the digital creatures in the blockchain game "Axie Infinity". Now the gameplay of the game is indeed relatively simple, but its game studio Sky Mavis has been working hard to develop new gameplay. Currently undergoing alpha testing, allowing players to fight through its "Axie Infinity: Bloodmoon Rising" adventure mode. This version supports computers and mobile devices.
 Reason for concern: The team is working on expanding its Axie Infinity universe with a racing game. They are creating a racing game based on the pixel world of The Sandbox. In addition, "Axie Infinity" has also made other progress, for example, its land sale is also in progress.
 Links related to land sale: hF2eBVo
Battle Racers
"Battle Racers" is a blockchain-oriented arcade racing game based on the Decentraland blockchain. Players can design, build, race and battle different miniature cars on various crazy tracks. Each car is composed of 8 different parts. Players can obtain parts by playing games, or they can buy their favorite parts in the market. Cars that perform well can be sold on the market.
 Reason for attention: In 2019, "Battle Racers" has established partnerships with several other blockchain games (such as "Cryptokitties", "Neon District" and "Axie Infinity"). This game is currently in the early access stage, and the first batch of digital equipment is already available for sale. The development team also organized a competition to pave the way for more competitions in the future.
Blankos Block Party
"Blankos Block Party" is a relatively mysterious game. According to the exposure in March this year, this is a blockchain-based party game. But according to the latest rumors, the development team seems to have changed its mind. It is reported that the game is currently a user-generated game platform, inspired by games such as "LittleBigPlanet" and "Super Mario Maker".
 Reason for attention: Because Mythical Games has raised $35 million to develop the game. At the same time, this game aims to attract mainstream players.
Brave Frontier Heroes
Currently, there are not many mainstream brands in the field of blockchain games, but "Brave Frontier Heroes" has taken the first step. This is a very successful free mobile role-playing game. With "Brave Frontier Heroes", the series officially entered the blockchain market. Game studio Double Jump.Tokyo will revise its successful blockchain game "My Crypto Heroes".
 However, with the help of a different combat interface, this new work will leave a deep visual impression. Although the game will also include familiar faces from "My Crypto Heroes", the characters in the "Brave Frontier" series will take center stage.
 Brave Frontier Heroes:
 Reasons for attention: Developers have already proven their strength through "My Crypto Heroes". Now they are ready to embrace a mainstream mobile game brand. Although it is not "Final Fantasy", "Brave Frontier" already has 38 million fans. The project has huge mainstream potential.
If you like to play "Pokémon", then "Chainmonsters" may be able to meet your needs. German game development studio B-Side Games originally developed "Chainmonsters" as a single-player role-playing game, but inspired by the Pokémon series, it is currently an online multiplayer role-playing game.
 Players can fight, trade, and explore the world. They can also capture new monsters, merge abilities and become the best trainer. In the game, chainmons will become more aggressive due to the impact of meteors. Professor Satoshi needs your help to find a solution. "Chainmonsters" features include online battles, dungeons and adventure missions.
 Reason for attention: This game has been developed for a long time. Thanks to its underlying blockchain technology, players can play games on desktop and mobile devices. "Chainmonsters" is scheduled to go live in 2020.
Crypto Space Commander
"Crypto Space Commander" is a so-called space sand table MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online Game), in which players can freely choose the characters they think are suitable. Players can profit by mining and selling resources, or they can explore space to find new victims. Obviously CSC may not be a dish for all players, but it is indeed a game suitable for niche players. They have already cooperated with Star Trek, allowing players to purchase virtual spaceships designed based on this famous TV series. This move makes Lucid Sight Studio worth more than $135,000.
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 Reason for attention: Universe MMO has just started. Developers hope to complete version 1.0 in the summer of 2020, and then develop a mobile version of the game, which should be fully compatible with desktop games.
Although "Dissolution" is still in alpha testing, the first-person tactical shooter is now available on Steam as a free game.
 The current reviews are mixed, but there is still room for improvement. In this shooting game, humans will fight against artificial intelligence in the form of an army of robots. The game supports online and split-screen PvP (Player vs. Player) and local and online cooperation modes. Compared with other games powered by Enjin blockchain, this game is quite competitive. Most of the blockchain elements of "Dissolution" are hidden in equipment and in-game items (from guns to armor).
 Reason for attention: In addition to providing several first-person shooting game modes, Garage Studio is also committed to developing spaceship combat. In addition, there will be a single player competition in January, as well as a PvP combo weapon game mode and a new social area. By the end of 2020, Dissolution will launch its first MMO function.
Formula 1: Delta Time
Animoca Brands is becoming a major brand in the blockchain gaming world. They have obtained multiple mainstream licenses, including Formula 1. Although the company has sold various virtual racing cars for their upcoming racing games, it still lacks real playability. "Formula 1: Delta Time" currently supports future players to purchase virtual cars, drivers and car parts.
 Virtual racing:
 Reason for attention: It is not clear what type of game "Formula 1: Delta Time" will be. Maybe it will be a racing game like the traditional F1 series, but it will be as interesting as a game like "Micro Machines". Animoca Brands is expected to launch "Delta Time" in early 2020.
Gods Unchained
One of the most famous names in blockchain games currently is "Gods Unchained". This collecting and trading card game is built around the "play-to-earn" model. Everyone can earn cards in the game and sell them on the blockchain. Individual cards can be upgraded and sold on the open market, or new card combinations can be purchased during the active season. Currently, "Gods Unchained" is the blockchain version of Hearthstone, with excellent gameplay and stable operation.
Reason for concern: The genesis season is over, and those cards will no longer be distributed. In the next few months, the first season of "Gods Unchained" will come, and there will be a new game feature. Players can use their cards to generate unique equipment or cards based on game events. .
Hash Rush
"Hash Rush" is an online RTS (real-time strategy) game in which players can build, fight and ultimately win in their own way. Players need to manage a small mining colony and fight monster soldiers to trade resources. Players can earn blockchain rewards from bounty activities. Successful players can get token rewards, toy props and other prizes. The game is currently in early alpha testing.
Reasons for attention: The game is still in the early stages of development, but it is already a very productized game. The game follows the "play-to-earn" principle, which means that the time players invest in "Hash Rush" can be used to earn blockchain rewards. In addition, this is a strategy game, to a certain extent, this game can help this type of game that has been almost forgotten by people to recover.
Light Trail Rush
The concept of racing games is often very simple. However, "Light Trail Rush" is completely different. In this multiplayer online racing game, the racer in pole position opens the way for other players. Players earn points by shooting each other or maintaining pole positions, and the game will only end when a player reaches a certain point. The blockchain element in the game is limited to equipment.
 Reasons for attention: The game provides a unique type of racing. The gameplay is very solid and interesting. The game will be fully launched in May 2020.
Among the games mentioned in this article, Lightnite may be an outsider. This online game is not based on the blockchain, but uses the Lightning Network. Whenever players shoot at each other, they can earn or lose some Bitcoin. The income can be used for payment or for purchasing equipment. "Lightnite" is basically the Bitcoin version of "Fortnite".
 Reason for attention: The game currently does not support experience, but will launch a single player mode in January. After two months, join the multiplayer mode. The official Early Access version will be officially released in May 2020. During this year, the game will be gradually improved, and the final version is scheduled to be released in January 2021.
NBA Top Shot
The team behind Cryptokitties is not only developing a blockchain game called "Flow", but also developing a new game "NBA Top Shot". This is an official NBA authorized basketball game with digital collectibles. The collection items are mainly NBA history, iconic moments and players. These items can be used in face-to-face games, leagues, and games. One of the keys to "NBA Top Shot" is to build a suitable team.
 Reasons for attention: NBA is the largest sports association in the United States and is also widely loved by international fans. Officially licensed blockchain games based on this major brand are of great significance to the field of blockchain games. More importantly, Dapper Labs is committed to building a well-known brand in blockchain games, and "NBA Top Shot" may be a huge driving force for entering the mainstream market.
Neon District
"Neon District" is a free cyberpunk role-playing game. Players need to collect characters, equipment, parts and a kind of game currency called juice through mission battles. The battle uses a card trading mechanism, and players need to constantly adjust their tactics to win. When players upgrade their characters and equipment, they can change the battle power on the field by choosing new abilities. The game is set in a universe full of legends, and the scene is very gorgeous. Why pay attention to "Neon District"?
 Reason for attention: The first season of "The Neon District" will be released on January 27th. The single-player mode in the first season contains various criminal groups, genetically modified, and morally defective characters. The second season is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2020, which will have a new storyline and cooperation mode.
Nine Chronicles
Among the games mentioned in this article, there are few anarchist concept games like "Neon Chronicles". This reel-type placement battle role-playing game is based on open source technology and supported by a player-oriented blockchain network. Therefore, as long as the player is online, no one can close the online world of "Nine Chronicle". The game runs on its own blockchain, so it is not yet compatible with Ethereum or EOS-based markets. This month, the game studio Planetarium has been testing an early version of the game.
 Reason for attention: Although the gameplay of "Nine Chronicles" reminds me of some combat role-playing games on mobile phones, its technical background is impressive. The concept of player-oriented blockchain network and blockchain economy is superb. This may be the future of the development of desktop game launchers. Every large game company already has its own desktop launcher, using this technology can greatly improve network performance.
Pizza Heroes
"Pizza Heroes" is the first 3D online action game on the Tron blockchain. The game will contain a variety of game modes, and the first is the defense tribe mode, in this mode, a group of players need to resist a group of invading evil forces. This is not a serious game. In addition to the various interesting characters in the game, enemies will also have evil potatoes and vicious meatballs. Players can put on different clothes for their characters, and these equipments will attach additional attacks or defenses.
 Reason for concern: Tron blockchain is often criticized as a scam. Justin Sun is not always the best speaker, and now is the time to use the Tron blockchain appropriately. A beautiful action game like "Pizza Heroes" may be exactly what Tron needs.
The Sandbox 3D
As its name suggests, "The Sandbox" is actually a sandbox game where players can make their own games or create and monetize pixel assets. This is not without reason. The team behind "Axie Infinity" is now developing a racing game based on the cubic world of "The Sandbox".
 The team launched an editor called VoxEdit earlier this year. You can export and sell assets on the blockchain, basically making this game the blockchain version of Minecraft. If you want, you can even create a project in VoxEdit and export it to Minecraft.
 Reasons for attention: After the success of "Minecraft", it is difficult to say whether "The Sandbox" will also achieve corresponding success. However, "Minecraft" does prove that user-created content can be a driving force for the success of a game. However, getting paid for these creations is another matter. The Sandbox allows every player to become a creator of paid content, and this is a very powerful force.
The Six Dragons

It is unfair to compare role-playing games like "The Six Dragons" and "The Elder Scrolls". However, because of its open-world nature and first-person perspective, the two can easily be compared together. "The Six Dragons" shows its own uniqueness by introducing blockchain prop ownership, craftsmanship and magic. Any items found, created or purchased in or out of the game will be stored in the player's blockchain wallet. Players can venture into randomly generated dungeons, or become merchants and farmers and make money. In this role-playing game, the story is not static, and players can also create their own legends.
 Reason for attention: Developer BlockPegnio is slowly expanding its alpha test. They recently released single-player PvP combat, 2-on-2 combat, e-sports mode, and 2-4 player cooperative mode. Time will tell whether these modes will appear in the official version of the game.
"Skyweaver" is an online card collection game where players have their own digital cards. Players can earn new cards by winning online battles and reaching the leaderboards. So this is a typical game that can make money from play-to-earn. Each card is generated on the blockchain and can be traded with other players or collectors on the OpenSea market. "Skyweaver" is currently in closed beta on both desktop and mobile devices. The game runs on the Ethereum Rinkeby testnet.
 Reasons for attention: Game studio Horizon Games hopes that its card game can attract more players. The development team hopes to lower the barriers to entry for players. In addition, they will reveal a new economic system design in the near future. In 2020, the game will be transferred from the test network to the Ethereum mainnet.
Soccer Manager Elite
"Soccer Manager Elite" evolved from SM Worlds real-time online multiplayer game. This game is built around the Xaya blockchain, allowing managers to fully own their teams and players. In each game world, the number of clubs is limited, and all clubs are owned by shareholders, who appoint managers. In this way, thousands of players around the world can participate in the game. The value of the club, the value of the players can increase or decrease, and the reputation of the coach can make it more popular.
 Reason for attention: Currently, 80,000 people are playing "Football Manager 2020" on Steam. Millions of copies of this game are sold every year. "Soccer Manager Elite" delves into the fascinating aspects of football managers and gives players real value. This adds a new social motivation based on real performance to the game. SM Elite is not only a fun game, but also a social experiment.

In terms of gameplay, Sorare is one of the least interactive games on this list. In this card collecting game, players need to create a football team. Players will earn points based on their performance in the real world. This is basically a copy of "fantasy football", but the cards are limited and their value can be increased or decreased based on the performance of the football players. Currently, there are football players from the German, Spanish and Belgian leagues in the game, and more team players will join in the future.
 Reasons for attention: Although the market for this game is relatively small compared with the American "fantasy football", it is already quite large in Europe. The concept of digital card ownership and money making will attract a large number of fans. Football gambling is already a multi-million dollar market. Many fans are willing to invest 20, 50 or 100 euros to earn more returns.
Spells of Genesis
"Spells of Genesis" is one of the godfathers of blockchain games. This action card puzzle game looks like a simple mobile game, but in fact it is the first game that allows players to obtain virtual cards from the game. The original "Spells of Genesis" was released two years ago. The interesting thing is that this game is driven by the Bitcoin blockchain.
 Reason for attention: EverdreamSoft will re-release their flagship product on the Ethereum blockchain. First they will sell some cards, and then later in 2020, they will release the game on the second blockchain. "Spells of Genesis" is not only a fun game, but also an example of the development of multi-blockchain software that its studio has been creating.
Blockchain game platform Xaya uses Taurion as one of its period games. This game is clearly inspired by the Dune series, where players choose a faction and compete for limited resources. The game world is autonomous and constantly changing. Players need to collect resources. This can be achieved by digging or stealing from other players. So fighting is also part of this game. Players can form factions and create autonomous adventures, social rules and political order. Betrayal is also part of the game, and revenge is of course also.
 Reasons for attention: Currently "Taurion" is still in the early development stage. Players can register and play "Taurion" by downloading the Xaya game platform. If you have played games like "Dune 2", "EVE Online" and "Civilization", then this game should be for you.
Tides of Magic
"Tides of Magic" is another card collecting game. Unlike other games, this game uses tokens from other games. In this way, players who obtained Axie in "Axie Infinity" can use the same tokens as special cards in "Tides of Magic". The team behind the game has established partnerships with developers of games such as "Ethermon", "Axie Infinity", "Flowerpatch" and "Cryptopunks".
 Reasons for attention: Developers have indeed put a lot of effort into establishing partnerships. If you can see that everything is put in the same card game, it should be very interesting. The team will conduct a closed beta on January 10. After late January, the game will be open to the public in beta. At that time, cards can also be auctioned on any ERC-721 market (for example: OpenSea). You can also buy card suits from the official website.
Official website: ___#/?a=nederob___
War Riders
"War Riders" is an open world arena battle game where players can get encrypted rewards through battle. The developer described the game as an MMO game that earns cryptocurrency and blows up cars. Players can design their own vehicles from scratch and fight with players. Players need to find Benzine (BZN) with practical value.
 Reasons for attention: In January this year, the game development team will start selling mid-range cars, and then start selling regular cars later in 2020. This game is basically a combination of "Mad Max" and "Destruction Derby", you can have fun while earning cryptocurrency. In my opinion, this is a win-win situation.

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